Sunday, October 26, 2008

Philippine Flowers

Winner: Denbote

Bunch of Blue

Here is the interview of Denbote

1.Who are you? Please give a brief background information on yourself. My name is Denis Bautista, 31. I am a Civil Engineer by profession and I've been working as an OFW over the last couple of years.

2. Is photography a full-time job or is it a hobby? still a hobby but I have an utmost dream of becoming a professional photographer in the near future.

3. What got you interested in photography? Nothing in particular but what got me going was after i bought my very first digital camera, the people around me as well as online pips praised my work.

4. What keeps you interested in photography? My dream of becoming a professional photographer.

5. Did you enroll in a photography course? Yes, I took Basic and Advanced Photography Workshops at the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation where I basically won my first contests.

6. How do you keep your photographic skills/knowledge up-to-date? I keep on shooting, spending more time shooting that post-processing. I read books, watch online tutorials and the like.

7. Any particular book or website that you would recommend? I subscribe to Digital Photographer and I-Mag magazines, they are great sources of valuable tips on composition and CS3 techniques.

8. Tell us about your most important/unforgettable experience in learning photography. When I enrolled are FPPF's Basic Photography Workshop I challenged myself to be the best in the class, I told myself that if I am going to have a future in Photography I must top the class, and fortunately I did. My two photos won 1st (still-life) and 2nd place(portrait). The trophies I won are the most valuable possessions I have right now.

9. Tell us about your equipment and preferred photo software. What made you choose these above the others? I use Nikon D80, Nikkor and Sigma lenses and a speedlight. I chose Nikon over Canon thru friends recommendation and online discussions and reviews. Plus Nikkor lenses are much cheaper than Canon lenses and they dn't make much of a difference quality wise.

10. What is your thought on post processing photos? I think PP is a great help for photographers, I use PP software and I would recommend the use of them. But I know that nothing can replace a good composition, PP can only do so much.

11. What style or area of photography do you prefer and why? I love nature and street photography. Nature photography is all about patience with some luck. Street Photography is challenging.

12. What is the story behind your winning photo? What made you choose that particular photo from your photo set to be your contest entry? Taken in our garden, I was on the 2nd floor of our Kubo outside our house when I took the shot to attain the angle I wanted for the photo. For me this my favorite flower photo because of the nice composition and perfect exposure of the shot.

13. What advice would you give to would-be and beginner
photographers? Keep on shooting, practice makes perfect. And if you can attend at least Basic Photography seminar, go for it.

14. How do you see yourself in this art 5 years from now? Owner of a photography studio.

15. What can you say about "Published photos with No Consent?" It's a crime and the culprit must be punished.

16. Complete this sentence, and feel free to add a few sentences more: I love photography because as a person who always works away from my family, it's my cure for homesickness. Through photography I can share my experiences abroad to my family and friends. I love photography because it is a tool for spreading good information.


Bradpetehoops said...

So beautiful bluish Philippine flower.

Kevin said...

hi this is kevin arao, santan ba yan na blue? is it rare?

Albert James said...

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