Monday, November 17, 2008

Black is back

Winner: Jobarracuda

in a different light

1. Please give us a brief background information about yourself.
I am basically a newbie in this field. I started photography last December 2006 when I bought myself a point and shoot bridge camera – Lumix fz50 and joined flickr the same month. I’ve worked in various field and in various positions…artist for 2 years, creative director for 9 years, ad & promo officer in an office handling casinos for 2 years and science and computer teacher for 2 years.

2. Is photography a full-time job or is it a hobby? and how long have you been in photography?

It started as a hobby but has become a passion for me now. I’ll be approaching my 2nd year in photography this coming December.

3. What inspired you to capture this winning photo? Please give a brief description about it.
I love taking photos of old people the same way I love taking photos of kids. The moment I saw that old lady, I immediately knew I wanted to take photos of her. I sat down a few feet away from her so I could observe her. I took out my cam and waited for a good moment to capture her.

4. Did you have any professional training in photography?
No I don’t have any professional training in photography, although I want to, if given the chance.

5. How do you keep your photographic skills/knowledge up-to-date?
I keep just keep on shooting and learn as I shoot. It helps a lot as well that I am surrounded with skillful and talented friends.

6. What is the most memorable experience you have in photography?
The stories behind some of my fave photos are very meaningful to me. Some of those I still read over and over again. Some are still making me cry when I read them. Those are special moments and experiences for me as a photographer. Of course I cherish the times I won in competitions. To be recognized in the field you love, even in small ways, makes you love what you’re doing all the more.

7.What are your gadgets and what software are you using to post process your works?
I have a Panasonic Lumix Fz50 and a Nikon D40x with kit lens. I use Photoshop CS2 to process.

8. What is your thought on post processing photos?
I don’t have any problems with post-processing. I try to satisfy myself with the photos I take and the way it would look, whether with or without post-processing. I think not doing post-processing and criticizing those who are doing it, or vice-versa, is not good for photography itself. Development in technology is so fast nowadays. We have to embrace the developments in photography…whether in camera gear or post processing the images…film or digital. I salute those who are pure in their photography and does not process their shots, the same way I salute those who are good in post-processing their images.

9. In which category of photography are you most interested and why?
I love images of human interests, street life and scenes, and street portraits.

10. What will be the best advice you would give to a beginner / amateurs photographers?
Determine what you want to shoot and just shoot. Find ways to shoot. Invite others to shoot with you and oblige if you can when they invite you. It is always a big learning experience to shoot with others…..beginner, amateur or even a pro. There’s always something to pick up from somebody.

Please include 3 of your most favorite images from your stream, and give a short description if possible as to why it's your fave shot.

Muslim Girl
in black & white
This photo is one of most treasured photos I have. I love the story behind it. It won in various group competition in lickr and this has been exhibited in Philippine Arts Festival in Hong Kong, Art Fest in Chicago and Charity-In-Focus in Icosahedron New York (the photo was bought by an individual and the money was donated to a charity of my choice).

To Give Or Not To Give, That Is The Question
to give or not to give, that is the question.
I love looking at this photo over and over again and it always bring a smile on my face. I am so thankful I have captured this instance.

Batang 888
batang 888
This photo has recently won me a Toshiba Laptop Computer. With or without the award it received, I love this image for the emotion it projects.

Thanks to Debbie, a.k.a. Shininglyt for the interview!


Fjordan Allego said...

ang ganda!! hayz! frustration ko talaga ng pagiging photographer pero tingin ko rin kasi hindi talaga para sa akin yun hahaha.. namamangha lang ako sa mga kuha ninyo!

Wencel said...

nice details.

Reena said...

wow. ganda nga ng mga photos. i like the 1st one and the construction workers glancing.

just passing by..

enJAYneer said...

cool picture... kainggit.. :D
keep it up!!!

Robertus Sutardi said...

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