Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pinoy Kainan

WINNER: Dengski


1. Please give us a brief background information about yourself.
I am Fr. Dennis S. Soriano, a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Cubao. I am currently assigned as parish priest of Transfiguration of Our Lord parish, in Murphy, Quezon City. I was born in Bulacan and was raised in Caloocan.

2. Is photography a full-time job or is it a hobby?
Photography is a hobby. I just got into it seriously January 2008.

3. What inspires you to capture this winning photo?
The photo was taken from a Young Leaders' Camp, called JAM [or Jesus and Me], which is designed to invite young people to get more actively involved  in church. This "boodle fight" forms part of the activity for day two. I just love the effect of dof.

4. Did you have any professional training in photography?
No professional training yet, but very much wanting to have one. May be in the near future.

5. How do you keep your photographic skills/knowledge up-to-date?
I have been reading books about the basics of photography. I have John Hedgecoe's New Book on Photography and his The Art of Colour Photography. I also have Teach Yourself Photography and Icons of Photography 20th Century.

Flickr is an important source of updating too. If I have time, I read fora and threads about photography.

6.What is the most memorable experience you have in photography?
Being interviewed about photography - this is definitely unforgettable. Also, I will never forget the first time I was asked for a permission by magazine to use my photo. Although nothing came out of it. But being asked is memorable enough.

7.What are your gadgets and what software are you using to post process your works?
I am currently using a Nikon D40x with kit lense 18-50 mm. I just recently got a Sigma 18-200 mm.

8. What is your thought on post processing photos?
Minimal, as much as possible. There is a different high in capturing the image with one's camera and rendering it without any necessity for post processing.

Although I do not object to post processing. I look at extremely post processed photos as artwork.

9. In which category of photography are you most interested and why?
I am currently interested in landscape, the sun, children and nature.

10. What will be the best advice you would give to a beginner / amateurs photographers?
This is the best advise I found so far: "It's not the pana but the indian" This is the second best advice: "Practice. Practice, Practice."


This is in Calvary Hill, Iguig, Cagayan Province. This is one of the first images I took when I got my D40x last January. We were scheduled to arrive here much earlier but delays made our departure much later. It was a blessing in disguise. We arrived in Calvary Hills as the sun was setting. Perfect!


This my niece Alex; my first try with children's portraits and black and white treatment. After taking this image, I realized how eloquent children's eyes can be. This started my interest in children's portraits.

beautiful day 3

This is one of several morning shots that I have. It was taken right outside my convent and a few minutes before I celebrate my 6 AM Mass. That is how I usually take my sunrise shots; looking forward for more beautiful mornings.

Thanks to: Ron Miguel for the interview.

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