Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Near a body of Water

NATATANGING LARAWANG PINOY CONTEST #14: Subjects Must be in or near a body of Water

For this contest, we have declared 2 winners: Sue323 and MalNino

Golden Ember by MalNino
Golden Ember

View from the String by Sue323
View from the string

Here is a short interview about Sue323:

1. Please share some background information about yourself.
I am a nurse by profession. I've been living here in Finland for almost 3 years. I started taking digital images in the spring of 2007 using a Canon PowerShot A540

2. Who or what initially sparked your interest in Photography?

In the late 90s' I took loads of sunset photos using a small film camera. Being able to capture something so beautiful just felt great.I never had the time to learn anything about photography then, I thought that it's quite time-consuming and an expensive hobby.

3. What inspired you to capture this winning photo? Please give a brief description about it.
It was taken during my vacation. We were in Boracay, the weather was great. I wanted to take a macro shot of the string of the bikini that I was wearing then, because I like its colour (fushia) I figured that it would be nice if the background would be the clear blue water. So I held the camera behind the knot of my bikini and took a few shots.My husband said that I looked like I was taking photos of my butt. And I said: Nah, it's just the string.

4. Did you have any professional training in photography?

5. How do you keep your photographic skills/knowledge up-to-date?
I take photos almost everyday. I read blogs of professional photographers.

6. What is the most memorable experience you have in photography?
It was last summer (July 2007) my best friend came from London and we took photos like crazy. She told me to press the tulip button on my camera if I want to take close up pics.. we also stalked bees together.

7. What’s in your bag of tricks? Camera equipment and post processing software(s)?
I don't have much. I've been using a Canon Powershot A710 IS since last year. I have Photoshop 6.0 which I only use to adjust some levels like brighness, contrast.. sometimes colour levels.. I don't know much about it, really.. it looks too complicated for me. I also use Neat Image sometimes.

8. Please give us your take on post processing photos. Are you for it or against it? How much of it do you do on your own images?
I am not against it. I admire those who are well versed in that aspect. Since I lack that skill, I can't apply much of it to my photos.

9. What type of photography is most intresting to you and why?
Macrophotography. Insect macrophotography to be specific. It's very challenging.

10. What is the best advice you could give to a novice photographer?
I am a novice myself. I think if one wants to improve, it's important to practice, challenge yourself, listen & get used to criticism. Elbert Hubbard, an American editor once said “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.” Who wants to be nothing, anyhow?

Thanks to Filam61 for the interview!

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