Sunday, August 3, 2008

Manila Bay

Photographer: Bert Barandino
Winner: Natatanging Larawang Pinoy Contest - Week 10 :
Sa Bayan Ko Lang 'To!

Manila Bay 01

Please give us a brief background information about yourself.
I am Bert Barandino, I’m 28 now. I’m an Architect by profession currently working here in Jeddah, KSA for almost 3 years now. I just got married last December, it was my vacation and just got back here last February.

Is photography a full-time job or is it a hobby? and how long have you been in photography?
Just a hobby. Actually nakahiligan ko ang graphic designs, since matuto ako ng photoshop marami na akong gustong i-explore. Sandamakmak ang tutorial na dinadownload ko para basahin. By God’s grace, natuto naman ako. A year and a half ago, nagbalak akong bumili ng digicam (Sony-Cybershot W50) dahil kasi nagpaplano na kami ng akyat sa Mt. Pulag noon pag-uwi ko, yun yung una kong bakasyon simula ng dumating ako dito. Parang natuwa ako sa resulta ng mga kuha ko kaya lalo pa kong na-inspire na kumuha ng ideya kung paano ko pa mapapaganda yung mga kuha ko.

What inspired you to capture this winning photo?
There is no secret ingredient, just like what Po’s father said (Kung Fu Panda). There is no inspiration actually, I was just roaming around in Manila Bay with my camera after I dropped by in our wedding venue. I am not that yet active in Flickr at that time to think about that it will get a lot comments or it will be viewed by a lot of people, for some I guess they think that way. I just wanted to share and treasure it, that’s all.

Did you have any professional training in photography?
Nothing. I just read some tips and learn from it. Just like what they said watch and educate yourself.

How do you keep your photographic skills/knowledge up-to-date?
I do not know about updating. I just don’t have yet my signature capture. What I like is, I want to have my own style/techinique or own trademark though it is not that simple to achieve.

What is the most memorable experience you have in photography?
Winning in this Natatanging Larawan Contest is already a memorable experience to me.

What is your thought on post processing photos?
Post-processing is a very good tool for enhancing photos specially to those who have made their names known. Besides, I think nobody can live without post-processing their photos where everything is digital nowadays.

In which category of photography are you most interested and why?
Digital photography, landscapes, seascapes, portraits and animal.

What will be the best advice you would give to a beginner / amateurs photographers?
Do what you think that gives you happiness and contentment in every snap of your shutter. You don’t have to please anybody with your photos rather than yourself first and everything else will follows.

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