Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pico de Loro, Cavite

Photographer: Diyeson
Winner: Natatanging Larawang Pinoy Contest - Week 12 : Philippine Landscapes

Here is a short interview about Diyeson:

1.Please give us a brief background information about yourself.

I’m 35, a graphic designer. I started taking pictures when I was in 4th grade, at 22 I processed my first roll of film and printed the three frames that survived that disaster of a first try. My first digital camera was a pocket book (imagine Bourne Identity that bid) size Fujifilm camera a dizzying 1.3megapixel ( this was several years before S1). I am from Laguna.

2.Is photography a full-time job or is it a hobby? and how long have you been in photography?

Yes, it is full time but more of a volunteer work than a job; it is also my hobby for more than 20 years.

3.What inspired you to capture this winning photo? Please give a brief description about it.

The street Children: It was taken in Baclaran, when I saw them I ask a stranger why did she let them sleep there, it is 12:00 noon. The vendor told me they are not her children and they were sitting there since morning. The shock I felt probably made me do it.

The landscape: I never thought I’ll ever see something like this in Cavite; it took my breath away.

4.Did you have any professional training in photography?
I attend Photoworld almost regularly.

5.How do you keep your photographic skills/knowledge up-to-date?
A lot of practice of course and the internet.

6.What is the most memorable experience you have in photography?
I was eleven; my uncle gave me a Canon with 50mm lens, that simple gesture of kindness started it all.

7.What are your gadgets and what software are you using to post process your works?
D300, 70-200VR, 17-55mm and of course 55mm nikor micro manual Ai (favorite). Photoshop since version 4.

8.What is your thought on post processing photos?
The digital darkroom simply put. Part of the art. Developing picture digitally. Very cool.

9.In which category of photography are you most interested and why?

Landscape: I love hiking and mountain climbing.
Photojourn: I like to tell stories
Macro: It’s a different world entirely

10.What will be the best advice you would give to a beginner / amateurs photographers?
Always bring a camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s a compact just bring one

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