Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pinoy Affection

WINNER: jeridaking

Afternoon Stroll

Here is a short interview about jeridaking.

1.Who are you? Please give a brief background information on yourself.
I’m Ralph Matres. 31 years old.
I live in Ormoc City in the island called Leyte
Its located in the Eastern part of Visayas. I am married with two children. Their pictures are all over my stream.

2. Tell us about the winning photo. What made you shoot the pic? What adjustments did you make on it? What do you think makes it special?
The gentleman in the photo is actually my brother. It’s part of the prenuptial session we had a week before his wedding. I used manual mode F4.5, 1/80 ISO 100. I think the “moment”, the contrast of colors and the lined up trees made this special. I also consider the whole shoot a special one. Most of the shots I liked were taken during the “magic hour”, you know just before the sun totally sets. Ahhh I remember the lighting was just perfect. By the way you can view the complete prenup set here

3. How long have you been doing photography?
Two years

4. How did you start doing photography? What got you interested in it?
I’ve always enjoyed looking at landscapes. I wanted to shoot the countryside. And when I found out that a dslr was finally within reach, I borrowed money from my mother and bought one. Until now I still own the same dslr and I still haven’t paid my mother. =)

5. Do you earn a living from photography or you do use photography as your hobby/part-time job?
Photography is a hobby, although my friends and I sometimes shoot weddings.

6. What’s your day job?
I’m actually in a transition stage right now, between being employed and self employed. From being a 15/30 guy to a God knows when guy. =)

7. Do you have special education? Did you take courses or go to a school learn photography?
No I don’t have any nor do I plan to attend classes or seminars.

8. Are you specializing in a particular area of photography? What are your favorite places/objects to shoot?
I love portraits. I love the rural life. I love to shoot farmers and fishermen.

9. Who are your big photographic influences?
I don’t seem to have any. But the works of many many people in flickr absolutely inspire me.

10. How do you educate yourself? Do you read special literature, visit photography galleries? What photo books/magazines do you have on your bookshelf?
I don’t subscribe to any of the magazines nor do I have photography books. They’re too expensive.
I’ll give you five words though…..The internet is a goldmine.

11. What equipment and software do you use (camera(s), lenses, film, etc.)?
My camera is a canon 350d, I have a 17-85is and 50mm 1.8.
I use CS2 for editing and I’ve just started using lightroom.

12. What is your opinion on post-processing, especially enhancing pictures?
I’m all for it. But I’m not going to get into a discussion because you can never be right or wrong with this topic. Its like a Nikon vs Canon thing……

13. What advice would you give someone who is interested in photography and wants to improve their photography skills?
I shouldn’t be giving any advice. I have lots to learn myself.

14. What’s the most challenging aspect of photography for you? What’s the best part of it?
There’s really nothing challenging when all you are doing is having fun….Shooting landscapes, portraits and anything else with my friends, it’s really about having a good time. The challenging aspect would be going home late to an angry wife.

The best part of photography is that I get to be featured in this blog. Now how cool is that?

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