Friday, June 6, 2008

Featured Photographer: Von Punzalan

Von Punzalan, a.k.a. kermitman, a.k.a. Vonrhyan B. Punzalan, was already featured in this blog for one of his winning photos in the Natatanging Larawang Pinoy Contest.

Again, we are featuring him for winning in the recently concluded Aliwan 2008 Photo Contest. Von, is now richer by P25,000 for bagging the second place in the Aliwan Fiesta 2008 Photo contest. (We regret, however, that we cannot post his winning photo here in this blog because of possible copyright infringements. What we are showing is one of his lucky 7 entries, which is equally stunning!).

According to Aliwan Fiesta website, "Over 1490 entries were submitted, with 160 passing the preliminary screening by MBC’s Ad-Prom team. The final round was then judged by illustrative photographer Mandy Navasero, One Workshop’s Ross Capili (in his capacity as member of the Executive Council of the NCCA’s Committee on Visual Arts), and renowned commercial photographer Eddie Boy Escudero."

Here are some of his thoughts on bagging the 2nd best spot:

"Actually I was thinking of submitting only 2 entries. When I saw some of the photographers comparing their entries outside the MBC theater, and they have like 20 entries each, I honestly thought I didn't stand a chance and especially for a first timer. One member even submitted 60 photos. But a friend urge me to submit it anyway, I ended up submitting seven (7), which includes
The Queen , Me.. Me.. pick Me , which were my first two choices, and Positiveness , Tied Together with a Smile, which I submitted just for the heck of it. The winning photo, which is entitled "ONE" was not even my first choice. So when I heard that I have just won, I felt like like a young kid opening my first Christmas present. For a first timer, I guess, it feels so damn good!"

Who are his influences in his photography?
About style, Lee Aguinaldo for his abstact artworks and of course, Ansel Adams.

What type of photography or photographic subject interests you now? Which area in photography would you like to learn more?
Landscape HDR shots in low light. Here are my Faves and I learned a lot by just merely looking at these images. I hope you guys do too. Would like to know more about everything, especially about lighting.

Where do you see yourself, photography-wise, five years from now?
The New Ansel Adams (lols!) or in a studio taking pictures (and getting paid for it)

His additional advice to would-be and beginner photographers?
Be prepared to spend money!

Again from the Larawang Pinoy family, CONGRATULATIONS!

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