Friday, June 27, 2008

The Pick

The Pick

Hersley-Ven Casero has a way of playing with light and shadows, which make his photographs a good study in the field of photography. He magically transforms the mundane into an extraordinary and captivating image. He has that knack in drawing out human emotions like an expert shrink that makes a viewer feel what his subjects do.

He is one of the photographers whom I noticed when I started with Flickr in 2007. When he won the Larawang Pinoy Challenge dubbed as Sinag, and revisiting his Flickr stream, it was only then did I realize he was the one I admired a year ago (and my apologies for not revisiting his stream). Why did he struck a chord? Maybe we have something in common—that is Dumaguete. From 1999-2005, I have been in and out of Dumaguete City doing some work for the Salesian Brothers, and captivated by its gentle people—that is why it is called The City of Gentle People.

Dumaguete City, especially Foundation University should be very proud to have a homegrown talent like Hersley who has never got tired or giving back to his hometown and alma mater, through his art.

It may be ironic that a marketing major like him would end up in creative visual arts like photography. However, art is not new to him. Before he even graduated from a marketing course, he was already into the arts. In college, he already did murals, which he still enjoys doing up to this time. In his words, “I know it is kind of funny finishing a course not related to my present profession but art is my passion and I am happy that I am in this job.”

He has five years to his credentials, and it was only in the past two years that he did it professionally. In the first three years, he dared to sail—to explore, to discover and learn. Indeed, he not only learned, but also got what he dreamt for—a job that he loves doing. He is now connected with Foundation University Creative Department, which caters creative works and services for the entire university, like video production and graphic designs. When it comes to photography and painting, Hersley is the man.

Like any other job, he also had his shares of high and low moments, like being away from his loved ones to get things done and capturing precious moments. However, he becomes oblivious of these little sacrifices when his work is rewarded when he receives positive feedback from their clients, when he is appreciated by the photography masters, which he treasures most, and of course, winning a contest.

Winning in Larawang Pinoy Challenge may not be a very significant feat in his career. He has had his share of glorious triumph when he won the provincial photography contest during the Buglasan Festival, which is held every October. Buglasan Festival in Negros Oriental, is a province-wide celebration featuring street dancing, trade fairs and exhibits, concerts, contest in singing, dancing, sports, and photography. He recalls, “I was very surprised because it was the first time I joined a contest and won the grand prize and the first consolation prize in the same contest. I won two prizes in the top five out of the many who participated.”

For him every beautiful scene or a significant moment is enough to inspire him to take out his camera and click that button. In his words, “It is not joining any contest that I am thinking every time I do it. It's my passion to freeze the things that for me will not happen again.”


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