Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dance your heart out

Photographer: Victor Bautista
Winner: Natatanging Larawang Pinoy Contest - Week 6 : Fiesta Filipinas

dance your heart out (SINULOG 2007)

It was his first time to attend Sinulog Festival of Cebu in 2007, and he was just awed by the colorful, festivities and from his own words, an "endless flow of contagious energy," which was exactly captured in this winning photo.

Also, very aptly, his name, VICTOR, tells a lot about himself and this photo. Indeed, he ends up victorious by winning the hearts of Larawang Pinoy members during this 6th weekly challenge on Philippine Fiestas.

Victor is currently based in Hong Kong handling a day job in managing a design department in a packaging company. He mentioned that photography is more of a hobby, although he does moonlighting jobs on photography, and that he learned photography in college, and constantly updates his craft by reading magazines and browsing the net.

Although a man of few words, it is not necessary to dig deeper into his persona. His Flickr stream speaks more about his talent as a photographer and his vision as an artist. Browsing on photos about him makes me more convinced that he is, indeed, a person worthy of immeasurable admiration!

Victor is currently involved in two exhibits this month and one of which is the 3rd Philippine Arts Festival in Hong Kong, dubbed as Tricolor: A cultural Celebration, which is opening on June 8.

If I may quote one of his testimonials in his Flickr profile by the photography master himself, Ossie Hermosisima:
Vic is the guy to watch. He's constantly expanding his craft. I can't wait for his next uploads.
Even not reading this testimonial just to complete this simple article about him and his winning photo, I was hooked to his photos. I am a fan!

So guys, if you or your families and friends are in Hong Kong, please support our Kababayan, Victor and the other artists and photographers!

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