Friday, June 6, 2008

Farmers in Action

Photographer: Kenly Monteagudo
Winner: Natatanging Larawang Pinoy Contest - Week 4 : Farmers in Action

Please give us a brief background information about yourself.

*Kenly Monteagudo
*TV Cameraman / Saudi Aramco

Is photography a full-time job or is it a hobby? Hobby

What got you interested in photography? - I enjoy taking photographs, in the same way that I am enjoying taking videos.

Did you enroll in photography course? - Just workshops.

How do you keep your photographic skills/knowledge up-to-date? - Always in-touch with my fellow photographers for a photo-Ops,workshops.

Tell us about your most important/unforgettable experience in learning photography. - Every click in my camera is my important and unforgettable experience.

Tell us about your equipment and preferred photo software. What made you choose these above the others?
Curently using Nikon D100 and i am planning to upgrade soon. I am using a photoshop and Adobe lightroom for my post-processing.

8. What is your thought on post processing photos? - I'ts cool..amazing!

9. What style or area of photography do you prefer and why? - I like street, nature and travel photography

10. What is the story behind your winning photo? What made you choose that particular photo from your photo set to be your contest entry? - I like that photo because you can see how the farmers works hard.

11. What advice would you give to would-be and beginner photographers? - I always consider myself a beginner, so that i will not stop learning. I think its better to be that way to keep you humble and thirsty for new Ideas.

12. Complete this sentence, and feel free to add a few sentences more: I love photography because…

* I love photography as i love my work as a TV Cameraman.
For me Videography and Photography shares in one Capture the Moment

Based on an interview of Shutterblogger at Larawang Pinoy

Kenly Monteagudo's Flickr site is no longer active. We regret that we cannot link you to his site.

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