Saturday, June 14, 2008

Close up smile

Photographer: Jon Carlos
Winner: Natatanging Larawang Pinoy Contest - Week 7 : Bata-batuta

Close up Smile

Viewing Jon Carlos' photo stream in Flickr is like having an online tutorial--his wide range of subjects and diverse techniques give you that instant lesson about photography. Without knowing him further, one can assume he is already a pro. However, he honestly confesses that he is still a newbie, having started in photography late last year with his wife, Kris.

Although he formally only last year, photography is not new to him. As early as a sophomore in Workman High School in the US, he has learned about film photography, used pinholes, and developed his own photos. This is not to mention that photography runs in the family. His Aunt used to own a photography studio when she was still based in the Philippines. His step father is into photography.

Of course we should not forget to include Kris, his loving wife, who is likewise a photography buff. His relationship with his wife has never been the same as they both get the chance to live their passions and enjoy each other's company. In Jon's words,

"I'm very, very, very proud of my wife. She has the eye for photography. Sharing the same passion brought our relationship more exciting."

Portraying emotions and sharing stories behind make an interesting subject for Jon, that is why he is more at ease with street photography and portraiture. While he considers photography as a hobby for now, he and his wife is considering to make our photography their full time job--shooting weddings, events, or even venture in advertising. At the young age of 34 and backed up by his training on Basic and Advance photography workshops at FPPF and Wedding photography at PCCI, and most especially with a loving wife who understands his passion and shares his vision, Jon has more than enough time time to fulfill their dreams.


Based on the interview by: Oman of Larawang Pinoy

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