Thursday, June 26, 2008

LP in "Rate my Philippines"

I stumbled upon Rate My Philippines in Pinoy BlogoSphere (PBS) which is also a home to Larawang Pinoy. According to the site description, their goal is to make a comiplation of
"useful, relevant and quality websites we all can be proud of as Filipinos and we are looking for sites that actually promote the Philippines and the Filipinos in a dignified and professional manner."

So I thought of enlisting my personal blog and Larawang Pinoy. First, because I needed to spring back into blogging, and regain the popularity of my personal blog since I hibernated for some months. Second, I also wanted to put Larawang Pinoy into the wonderful world of blogging.

I was not disappointed. I guess, they noticed first LP first! I guess, it fits in to their criteria on Pinoy websites that promote the country positively. We cannot brag about it, but the review says it all:

Larawang Pinoy, the blog is a realization to that. Putting their photography in blogsphere mainstream is the perfect path to go. Surely it will add to a much deserved exposure and attention!

The photos are simply breathtaking and stirring. It inspires the photographer in all of us to grab the camera and start shooting. Perhaps when that happens, when a certain idea motivates enough people to follow through, you know you have been successful in your endeavor.

Be lifted. Be uplifted. “Showcasing Filipino artistry through digital photography,” Larawang Pinoy Blog has truly arrived.
Again, many thanks to the Admins of Rate My Philippines! May your tribe increase!


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Whisper to the Leaves said...

Congratulations to the authors and contributors of LP Blog.

Congratulations also to Ding in making LP part of the blog community!



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